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At Elite Quality Clean Services we offer a variety of services for commercial and residential cleaning. Our primary area of service is in Pensacola Florida, but we cover all of the neighboring cities. We are well known for the best floor care Pensacola has to offer. With a team of certified experts, there’s no job too big or too complicated for us. We took the time to put together a few articles on cleaning your floors and carpets; please check back for more as we will be adding to the list sporadically.

The Do’s And Dont’s Of Wool Carpet Cleaning And Care

Wool carpets are plush, luxurious and the perfect floor covering for any home but do require some special cleaning and care. A quality wool carpet is extremely durable and can last a lifetime if cared for properly. Wool And Water Wool is a natural fiber and will not shrink, stretch or become warped when it comes into contact with water. Wetting a wool carpet [...]

Tile Cleaning Services For Your Residential And Commercial Properties

As the owner of a piece of land, you are responsible for the upkeep for each of the buildings standing on it. Whether you are looking at a single family home or a multi-unit complex for commercial purposes, it falls on your shoulders to ensure that the interiors are clean and in good working order. One aspect of this is using tile cleaning services [...]

How to Properly Clean Ceramic Tile Floors

Ceramic flooring is one of the most popular options to due to their high durability and variety of styles and designs. Even though these are a long-lasting flooring type, they will need sufficient care and cleaning, if they will live their full lives and look good as well. The following article has some top tips on how to best clean your tile floors. Dust [...]

4 Ways to Keep Your Stone Flooring Clean

Are you planning on upgrading your kitchen and want to do so by installing stone flooring? Many homeowners consider getting stone flooring to make their kitchen look better because it has become more modern to do so. The only problem that most homeowners encounter when they install stone flooring is that they do not know how to clean the floor afterward. Luckily, there are [...]

Sofa Cleaning Tips That You Can Use To Get The Job Done

How you clean a sofa naturally depends on what materials it is made of first of all. There are, however, certain universal steps that can be used to clean every couch before diving into individual cleaning remedies. For example, vacuuming any type of couch is important. When you vacuum a couch, you can use a handheld vacuum or an upright with a hose attachment. [...]