Drapery Cleaning Service in Pensacola

Drapery Cleaning Service in Pensacola, Florida

Draperies can add as much to the decor of a room as they can detract from it if they are dirty. Much like rugs and carpets, drapes can trap a lot of dust and dirt from the air. They can soak up odors as well, especially if they’re in kitchens or high-traffic areas. Pet smells, smoking, insects, and pollen are just some of the things that can make draperies look old and tired. With time, drape fabrics can fade and show significant signs of wear. To prolong the life of your drapery fabrics, you should maintain them. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, drapes should be on your cleaning list.

When the time for cleaning finally arrives, you might have a lot of questions and a lot of work to do. A lot of people don’t know how to clean draperies. You might worry about damaging pleats, shrinking the material, and a range of other things. Sometimes just taking them down and putting them back up can be a big challenge.

People who own commercial properties might need to clean hundreds of draperies. This amount of work can lead to disruption and downtime; two things business owners always try to avoid if possible. Doing drapery cleaning by yourself can do more harm than good. If nothing else, you could stand to lose a lot of time. If you need the best results in the least amount of time possible, you need professionals on the job.

Why Should You Choose Us?

We clean your draperies where they are. You don’t have to look at bare and empty windows anymore. Our process doesn’t leave unpleasant chemical odors. Most importantly of all, there are no delivery or pickup charges added to your bill. We can even handle creases by steaming on the spot. We use the Drapery Fresh System which saves time and gives better results than traditional methods.

Cleaning services come and go, but we have been on the market for more than three decades! We have built up an extensive list of happy clients over the years thanks to our dedication to excellence. Many come to us when they can’t get results elsewhere. Our IICRC certified technicians can take care of your business or home just like it was our own. Over the years, our team members have amassed 21 different certifications. Aside from that, they have 50 years of experience between them. Who else can say that? We have the tools and staff to handle both residential and commercial properties. The advantages of choosing our elite services over others are clear.

Our Drapery Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-inspection: Before our technician does any work, he will inspect your draperies. That way we can assess them for any tricky spots and identify permanent damage. After inspection, he or she can tell you what you can expect from cleaning.
  2. Pre-vacuuming: Just like with other fabrics, elite draperies cleaning involves vacuum cleaning. This step helps remove dry soil from draperies with deep vacuuming.
  3. Chemical sponge: To clean your draperies, Elite Services Quality Clean uses sponges with special coatings. These sponges help further remove soil. With these sponges, we can lift the dirt off vacuuming could not remove.
  4. Fabric Protector Applied: We apply a fabric protector to help your drapes repel dirt and dust as well as spills. This will help them stay cleaner longer.
  5. Final inspection: During the final step, the technician assigned to you will check everything after cleaning to make sure the results meet your expectations.