Rug Maintenance Prices​

Basic clean (No urine)

$4.00 per square foot. Ex. 8’ x 10’ = 80 square feet 80 x $4 = $320

Basic clean plus urine decontamination

$5.00 per square foot. Ex. 8’ x 10’ = 80 square feet 80 x $5 = $400.

Eco Premium Rug Pad

Features and Benefits

Rug Pad $1.75 + tax per square foot and custom cut to fit your rug

MicroSeal Protector $3.00 per square foot

Why should you have MicroSeal applied to your rugs or upholstery?

To protect your investment, we highly recommend MicroSeal Fabric Protection. This product has a 25 year history in the aerospace industry and will give you stain and sun fade protection. All of the product’s performance claims are backed by independent laboratories. MicroSeal can potentially double the life of your new furniture / rug for pennies on the dollar. In addition, MicroSeal provides a life-time Service Warranty.


MicroSeal Lifetime Service Warranty

MicroSeal permanent fabric protection will not change the hand or color of a fabric / fiber. MicroSeal will prevent stains from becoming permanent stains, making cleaning up spills and accidents easier for you the customer. MicroSeal will increase the wear of a fabric / fiber for increased longevity. It will also help resist dry soiling which will help keep treated items cleaner in between normal professional cleanings. Your MicroSeal warranty does not begin until the curing process finishes. MicroSeal becomes fully cured by day 5 after application. MicroSeal is designed to withstand 7 to 9 professional cleanings on average. MicroSeal does not warranty to protect against stains which are highly acidic such as human or animal body fluids (vomit, excrement), iodine based and medical solutions, bleach, permanent inks, hair and some food dyes (sports drinks, inexpensive wines) and Mold. True story: a clients dog vomited on her sofa that she had MicroSeal applied to the year before. She blotted it and called us. We brought in the slip cover to our shop at 117 Industrial Blvd, washed it with water only and the vomit washed right off. The client was thrilled. Even though MicroSeal does not warranty body fluid stains the protector still did its job. This may not always be the case though especially if the cleaning instructions below are not followed. MicroSeal is NOT warranted on Viscose, Bamboo Silk, and Tinsel due to its tendency to brown and matt from moisture. However, MicroSeal has been tested and proven to increase the performance of these fabrics.

How our Warranty works:

1. Refer to the spotting instructions below under cleaning instructions.

2. Call your service provider Elite Services Quality Clean at 850-453-5544 for spotting help over the phone.

3. Once #1 and #2 have been completed we offer FREE spot cleaning service for our Technicians to clean the spot.

4. If the spot does not come out we will happily refund the price of the MicroSeal application for that specific item.

Cleaning Instructions and Lifetime Service Warranty

Upholstery spills: As soon as the spot happens blot with a clean white towel first. If that doesn’t take care of the spot wet the towel then blot. Next, in a clean household spray bottle; mix 75% water with 25% white vinegar, spray on and blot with a clean dry towel. Upholstery, bedding, wall and window fabric / covering spills: check cleaning instructions tag first. If none, assume it is a dry clean only fabric and don’t use water. Just call our office.

Carpet spills: Water or white distilled vinegar (cut 50/50 with water) is recommended. Hand-made carpets: consult salesperson. Dry time is approximately 30 minutes. Cure time is 4 days and not effective until then. Warranty begins after curing. Product is not warranted to protect against stains which are highly acidic, iodine based, bleach, ink dyes, or food dyes. For Stain assistance or when in doubt call us: 850-453-5544