Oriental and Area Rug Cleaning Services in Pensacola, Florida

Oriental or area rugs can be a beautiful detail in any home or commercial space. A well-placed rug can tie a room together and give a significant contribution to the character of an area. Unlike wall decorations, rugs experience significant traffic. Besides, rugs just like carpets can trap a lot of dirt, bacteria, and allergens. Over time, rugs can show significant wear and start to fade. Your rug can also accumulate stains from pets and food. That is why we always recommend that you clean and maintain them. To keep your rug in great shape, you should clean it every 1-5 years depending on traffic.
A high-quality rug can be a significant investment, so the last thing you need is to hand it over to unqualified cleaners. If you need rug cleaning services, then you can have the best floor care Pensacola has ever seen. Elite Services Quality Clean has many years of experience cleaning rugs of all sorts. Our certified technicians will give an elite clean and restoration to any rug. We also handle delicate fabrics and various exotic coverings.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Thanks to the size of our trained team, our tools, and our facilities, we offer both commercial and residential rug cleaning. We are flexible and reliable but also dedicated to following deadlines. To make sure standards and procedures are followed, your rugs are cleaned by a technician certified by wool safe.
All our work comes with a promise of no color bleeding whatsoever, or damage. In the unlikely event that anything like that should happen, we give full refunds to all our customers. We have experience with fine rugs that are over 100 years old. If you need further proof of our expertise, you can find many positive user reviews on Angie’s list Pensacola.

Silk Rug Cleaning​

Our Rug Cleaning Process

We have ten steps in every Elite Services Quality cleaning process that are almost always the same no matter which task we take on



To get the best results, we first have to test the fiber of your rug for colorfastness. This term defines a material’s resistance to color running or fading. If your rug happens to show any signs of running, we can apply a special product. The chemical in question is a colorfast agent which prevents the color from running. Color running can often happen, with red colors being more prone to problems.



The next step in our professional rug cleaning process is thorough dusting. First, our skilled employees place your rug upside down on a grate and then dust it. We do this with a machine called the Rug Badger. The Rug Badger is a portable device that delivers powerful and penetrating vibrations deep into the rug. This process helps loosen up any dry dirt or sediments from your rug.



Following the dry part of cleaning, we place the rig in a washing pit, fill it with water and then start the wet cleaning process. For this step, we use specific cleaning agents best suited for rugs. Afterward, we rinse the whole rug to make sure it’s free of any chemicals.



We place your freshly washed rug into a machine that is specifically designed to handle your woven treasure to spin all of the water out. This process is much like the spin cycle of your washing machine.



The next step is to place your rug in a chamber with a special design for drying. In it, we can control the temperature and the humidity, thus speeding up this part of the process. This way we can dry your rug in a couple of hours under controlled conditions which help preserve the material. The way we clean and dry rugs are efficient and at the same time gentle. We can clean the material while preserving various dyes and fiber properties. The result is a rug that looks vibrant, smells great, and feels soft to the touch.


Fringe Cleaning

The final step is cleaning the fringe to its original color.