Drapery Cleaning Service in Pensacola, Florida

Draperies can add as much to the decor of a room as they can detract from it if they are dirty. Much like rugs and carpets, drapes can trap a lot of dust and dirt from the air. They can soak up odors as well, especially if they’re in kitchens or high-traffic areas. Pet smells, smoking, insects, and pollen are just some of the things that can make draperies look old and tired. With time, drape fabrics can fade and show significant signs of wear. To prolong the life of your drapery fabrics, you should maintain them. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, drapes should be on your cleaning list.
When the time for cleaning finally arrives, you might have a lot of questions and a lot of work to do. A lot of people don’t know how to clean draperies. You might worry about damaging pleats, shrinking the material, and a range of other things. Sometimes just taking them down and putting them back up can be a big challenge.
People who own commercial properties might need to clean hundreds of draperies. This amount of work can lead to disruption and downtime; two things business owners always try to avoid if possible. Doing drapery cleaning by yourself can do more harm than good. If nothing else, you could stand to lose a lot of time. If you need the best results in the least amount of time possible, you need professionals on the job.

Why Should You Choose Us?

If Pensacola carpet cleaning is what you need, then you have come to the right place. Our staff has years of experience, while many of our team members have IICRC certificates.
IICRC is a group that offers certification in cleaning and restoration across the globe. We also have technicians and tools with certificates from Woolsafe. Woolsafe is a trade group that ensures technicians know how to handle wool. Wool materials can be expensive, so treating them the right way during cleaning is crucial. Elite Services Quality Clean is a wool-safe services provider.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

We have ten steps in every Elite Services Quality cleaning process that are almost always the same no matter which task we take on



Before our elite carpet cleaners start any work, a certified technician performs an inspection. First, we examine your carpets to determine the best approach to the problem. We need to check for stains, odors but also take a look at the carpet material. That way we will know how to perform dirty carpet cleaning in the best way possible.


Power Pre-Vacuuming

If necessary, we remove any furniture that might be covering the carpeting after the initial inspection. Then we start with power vacuuming. With the help of specialized, high power tools, we take out as many dry particles as we can from carpets.


Furniture Moving

Sofas, chairs, and tables that do not have breakables or electronics on them are carefully moved.


Specialty Spot Pretreatment

Difficult spots as well as pet stains are pre-treated with special solvents to exponentially increase removal.


Pre- Spray

Next, we begin to apply a chemical for preconditioning. This compound helps to break down stubborn stains from food, pets, etc. Then we rinse the carpet and use special tools to perform a deep carpet cleaning.



Carpet is to be pre-groomed to further loosen traffic area soil, as needed.


Soil Extraction, Rinse, and Neutralizer

The loosened soil is then thoroughly extracted and the carpet is pH balanced.


Post- Spot Treatment

Treatment of speciality spots such as Kool-Aid and ink is included.



The carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying.


Post-Clean Inspection

Once we finish with the necessary cleaning procedures, we inspect everything with our client. That way we can be sure that customers get quality carpet cleaning.

The VLM Carpet Cleaning Method

For residential or commercial carpet cleaning where carpets have to be dry as soon as possible, we use the Very Low Moisture (VLM) method. This is a popular method which limits drying to one or two hours at the most. Certification for the VLM comes from the IICRC. If you’re not acquainted with the VLM method you might want to know about its advantages:

Our Pensacola Carpet Cleaning Services Includes The Following:

Carpet Cleaning

Florida weather can be unforgiving because of flooding, hurricanes, and high humidity. Since we’ve seen and handled a lot of damage over the years, we know how to fix almost anything.

Carpet Stretching

Carpet stretching is needed to correct an improper installation. On initial installation the carpet should be power stretched. Sadly most installers never power stretch the carpet. Elite Services Quality Clean has the certifications, skill, and experience to correct the improper installation.

Carpet Repairs

Our expert team can perform a variety of different carpet repairs during cleaning. We have experience with flood damage, accumulated wear and tear, as well as burns, tears, and wrinkles.