The Do’s And Dont’s Of Wool Carpet Cleaning And Care

Wool carpets are plush, luxurious and the perfect floor covering for any home but do require some special cleaning and care. A quality wool carpet is extremely durable and can last a lifetime if cared for properly.

  1. Wool And Water

Wool is a natural fiber and will not shrink, stretch or become warped when it comes into contact with water. Wetting a wool carpet is, therefore, the ideal way to clean it. However, it is recommended to use an extraction machine or wet vacuum to remove as much excess water as possible and increase drying time. Open windows and doors and use fans to dry the carpet quickly.

Carpets that remain too wet for too long can attain a foul odor, become brown in color or become shrink and warp, especially if walked on before drying entirely. Never use hot water or heat dryers on the carpet as heat will cause the fibers to shrink. Cold and warm water is ideal for removing most dirt and stains from wool carpets without causing damage.

  1. Cleaning Detergents

Not all cleaning detergents are safe to use on wool carpets and it is best to check the label of any cleaning product or chemical for the wool mark or ingredients that could damage the fibers. Carpet shampoos that are designed specifically for wool are ideal.

Never use bleach (chlorine) on a wool carpet as this will disintegrate the fibers. It is also not recommended to use laundry detergent on a wool carpet. Instead of bleach, peroxide is a good option for cleaning stains without fading colors. Dishwashing detergent is ideal for gently removing grease and grime without damaging the carpet. Bio-enzyme cleaners will remove stains caused by any organic materials.

  1. Cleaning, Maintenance, And Care Tips

Vacuum the carpet regularly and before cleaning with water or a detergent. Deal with wet spills as soon as possible by dabbing with a dry, white cloth – never rub. Also, remove stains as soon as possible before they have a chance to be absorbed. Wool contains a natural waxy coating that is designed to repel liquids and the sooner spills are dealt with, the less likely they are to result in a stubborn or permanent stain.

Have your carpets cleaned professionally at least every two years using a warm water extraction process? The warm water and wool shampoo will dissolve dirt and grime while the extraction process will remove dirt, detergent, and excess water for faster drying.

It is always recommended to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning and care instructions carefully. If you are unsure about the care instructions, contact the manufacturer or your local professional carpet cleaning provider for advice.

It is also recommended to call the professionals for advice on how to treat blood, red wine, nail varnish, pet, coffee, tea, or any type of unusual stains that may occur. If you cannot remove the stain by following their advice, make an appointment to have the carpet or stain expertly cleaned.