4 Ways to Keep Your Stone Flooring Clean

Are you planning on upgrading your kitchen and want to do so by installing stone flooring? Many homeowners consider getting stone flooring to make their kitchen look better because it has become more modern to do so. The only problem that most homeowners encounter when they install stone flooring is that they do not know how to clean the floor afterward. Luckily, there are simple methods to help keep your stone floor looking brand new and clean. Let begin by explaining 4 things you can do today to your stone floor.

Check Manufacturer

If you want to keep your floor clean then you should check the manufacturer. Most manufacturers will post instructions on how to keep your floor clean and tell you what solutions to use. You can also ask the people who are installing the floor if they know of any good tricks to keep the floor clean. Often times the companies who install your floor will know the best ways to keep the specific type of stone you purchased looking new. This should be able to teach you a couple preventative steps, which will help your floor last longer.


If you learn the preventive steps, your floor will last a very long time. Some measures that you can take to keep your floor looking brand-new is placing mats or rugs in areas that are highly trafficked. The nice thing about mats or rugs is that they will prevent the dirt from people shoes getting on the tile floor, which will help prevent the stone flooring from getting damaged. You need to make sure that your stone floor is properly sealed to prevent stones from scratching the floor and to prevent anything from staining it. One of the best preventative methods is vacuuming and sweeping your tile floor.

Vacuum or Sweep

Choosing to vacuum our sweet your floor is one of the best preventative methods. You will want to make sure that you minimize the number of abrasives that can damage your stone flooring, which you can easily do by sweeping. You should try to sweep or vacuum your floor every day to get rid of any particles. You can also choose to mop floor once a week. Before you begin mopping your floors you must choose the right cleaner.

Choose the Right Cleaner

Choosing the right cleaner is very crucial if you want to have your floors looking new. If you decide to get marble are limestone you should avoid any cleaning solutions that include lemon juice. You should also avoid cleaning solutions that include ammonia since it is very harsh on your stone flooring.

These are just simple ways that you can clean your stone flooring to prevent them from getting damaged in the future. Be sure to ask your manufacturer if they have instructions, take preventative care, vacuum or sweep to get of dirt, and choose the right cleaner if you want to make sure your stone flooring is clean.