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What Our Clients Think

Customer Service is our top priority so it is important for us that we receive feedback from the customers we have served. If you are one of our happy clients please let us know! You can help us not only improve the quality of our carpet and upholstery cleaning services but help others find us when they are in need.

Dear David,

On behalf of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra guild, it is my pleasure to thank you and Elite Services Quality Clean for sponsoring the recent PSOG membership chili brunch at the Cantonment home of Rhonda Ford.

About 20 ladies, including several of our new members, enjoyed Rhonda’s and Scott’s lovely home and poolside hospitality, her spicy chili, an assortment of shared dishes, and relaxed conversation getting to know each other better, all in the cause of supporting our very special Pensacola Symphony Orchestra.
A bonus for all of us was Rhonda’s introduction of Elite Services many specializations, and your generous gift bag containing Spot Out cleaner. I can vouch for the top quality service and personal care I received from your establishment after Hurricane Sally devastated half of my home!

It is heartening to see our local businesses, enterprises, and citizens supporting each other, proof that we are in a good place in Pensacola! Thanks again for your sponsorship of the PSOG!

Best wishes always,

Ann Mitchell
Secretary, PSOG

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