Helpful Grout Cleaning Tips

Have you noticed mold and dirt on the grout in your home? If so, there are a few different ways to get rid of it in no time. It’s best to take care of the mold and dirt as soon as you see it. If you let it go for a while, the problem will only continue to get worse, and then it’s going to take you a bit more time to get rid of it all.

Make a Grout Cleaning Solution

There are different cleansers on the market that you can use to clean the grout. However, if you don’t have time to go to the store or you personally prefer using something you already have, it’s possible to make a grout cleaning solution at home with only a few ingredients. You’ll need some bleach, baking soda, vinegar, and your favorite dish soap.

Making the solution is simple. Combine a cup of the baking soda with two tablespoons bleach, two tablespoons vinegar, and one tablespoon of the dish soap. Mix the ingredients together until you have a thick paste to use as a cleanser on the grout. Once all ingredients are mixed together, you’ll be ready to get started.

Start the Cleaning Process

Before you start scrubbing away at the mold and dirt on the grout, make sure to put on a pair of protective gloves. It’s better to wear gloves so that you won’t have to touch the cleaning solution with your bare hands nor you will have to touch any of the mold or dirt with your bare hands. After putting gloves on your hands, grab a scrub brush and dip it into the cleaning solution you’ve created. Make sure you have a generous amount of the solution on the scrub brush.

Start scrubbing away at the grout to remove the dirt and mildew or mold. It should start coming off with ease. If you have any difficult spots, apply a bit of the solution with your hands and give the solution about 30 minutes to sit on the grout before you even start scrubbing away at it. After scrubbing away at the grout, grab a damp cloth and then wipe away the solution so that it’s no longer visible.

As a finishing touch, grab a dry cloth and wipe down all areas of the grout. Make sure you’re not leaving any wet surfaces behind. You don’t want to leave the grout wet or moist because then the mold can start growing all over again.

Dealing with dirt and mold on grout is annoying because it’s quite the eyesore and it can become a health hazard. However, there are some things you can do to quickly get rid of it. In fact, you won’t have to spend a bunch of money to have the grout cleaned by the professionals.

All you’ll need to do is make your own solution at home with a few common household products and then apply the solution to the grout using a scrub brush. The cleaning process shouldn’t take up too much of your time and the grout should look a lot better when you’re done.