Clean Your Leather Goods Efficiently & Effectively Using These Tips

There are many ways to clean leather, but there are also methods that shouldn’t be used. Leather has to be cleaned often. Therefore, it helps to know that most efficient, cost-effective ways to keep your leather goods in great shape. It wouldn’t hurt to know some of the all-natural cleaning solutions for leather either. So let’s look at some of the ingredients that can be used for cleaning your leather goods, as well as some tips for getting the job done.

First, there are three cheap and very efficient over the counter products that can get the job done. They are rubbing alcohol, saddle soap, and moisturizing soap. While all three of these are great solutions, natural remedies are better, in my opinion. First of all, who wants their leather products smelling like rubbing alcohol?

Not only do you want to clean your leather consistently, but there are times when you might notice water spots and other spots. In those situations, a natural remedy involves using cream of tartar and lemon juice as a mixture. If for any reason you need to dry your leather because you employed heavy duty cleaning methods, you don’t want to put your leather goods under the sun.

Leather looks good and stays in good shape when you condition it properly. To keep it nice, another solution for leather maintenance is a mixture of linseed oil and white vinegar. White vinegar and apple cider vinegar are both great cleaning solutions, too. If you use one of them to clean your leather good, mix them with distilled water.

Now let’s say that you have an ink stain on your leather jacket or on a leather couch. How can you get it off? Well, that’s actually where the rubbing alcohol comes back into play. There are other stain removal options for leather goods, but rubbing alcohol is said to be very effective.

Some people use a mixture of regular dish soap and water to clean a leather jacket. That would be fine, but just remember that it’s also about what not to use. You have many options, but you don’t want to use solutions like ammonia or bleach. Did you know that nail polish remover is also a great way to help remove those stains? It works especially well on ink stains. So when it comes to those stains on your leather goods, two great options are nail polish remover and rubbing alcohol.

If you have a grease stain that needs to be removed, then you can count on baking soda to do the trick. Of course, you’re going to try really hard not to stain your leather goods. Things happen though from time to time. Now not only do you know how to clean your leather, but you know how to remove certain stains as well. Keep those leather goods looking their best, and make sure you clean them often enough. The leather is very durable and long-lasting, but the maintenance is of course absolutely necessary.